These Countries Have The Highest Diabetes Ratings

Some oil-rich Arabian countries and selected Pacific island nations have been rated the highest with Diabetes.

People with diabetes either don’t make insulin or their body’s cells no longer are able to recognize insulin, leading to high blood sugars. By definition, diabetes is having a blood glucose level of 126 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or more after an overnight fast (not eating anything).


10. New Caledonia(20%)

New Caledonia consists of a number of small islands in the South Pacific Ocean. This country, located just east of the continent of Australia, was afforded the status of being a “special collectivity” of France in 1999. With roots dating back to the days of French colonialism, the current populace is made up of a mix of Kanak (New Caledonia’s Indigenous People), Europeans, and Polynesians, as well as many of Southeast Asian descent. Its limited domestic agricultural industry is said to be one of the reasons behind the country’s high rate of diabetes is which has resulted in making it harder for local residents of this tropical locale to have adequate access to a varied, healthy diet.



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